Camping in Hong Kong


Weekend getaways don’t always have to involve expensive hotel rooms and five-course meals. They can be something simple and out of the norm such as camping. This activity is great in that it allows you to escape the daily use of technology and allow you to connect with nature. If you intend on taking a significant other with you, the starry night skies provide a romantic aura that is sure to bring the two of you closer. Although known for more technologically urban-related reasons, Hong Kong also provides great locations for camping. It has a host of superb camping sites and stores where you can get all the gear you require. 

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Before embarking on your camping getaway, you’ll first need to sort out some logistics. For instance, you need to know whether you’ll be using your own gear or renting them. Another important thing to take note of is the location of your campsite and the safety of the area that surrounds it. Camping is technically sleeping in the wild after all. Here’s some important information that’s sure to make your adventure a lot easier.

Gear Up!

The most important part when it comes to any outdoor activity is gear. Your convenience in the outdoors depends on the kind of tools you bring with you. You wouldn’t want to compromise your safety or that of a loved one by getting unreliable or faulty equipment. Thus, if you prefer bringing your own gear, here are the best places to get them in Hong Kong.


This is the largest retailer in Hong Kong that specializes in outdoor gear. Their catalog has thousands of items to choose from including sports apparel, sleeping bags, and headlamps. You can decide whether you want to do your shopping online or in one of their many stores in the city.

World Sports and Co.

If you’re looking for the most competitive prices around, this is the place to be. They offer a variety of outdoor equipment sourced from the United States and Japan. Some of the camping gear you can find here include backpacks, torches and travel-friendly gas stoves.


This is a European brand that offers a marvelous selection of outdoor gear and sportswear. They’re extremely reliable and have flagship stores in some of the most iconic places in Hong Kong.

Now that you’ve gotten the necessary gear, it’s time to head out and pitch a tent. But where exactly can you find the best camping spot? Here is a list of some amazing campsites in Hong Kong.

Tap Mun

This is one of the most popular camping sites in Hong Kong. Tap Mun is also known as Grass Island and is mostly popular for its rolling hills and stellar nights. The island is located off the northern peninsula of Sai Kung. Since it isn’t an official government campsite, don’t expect to find a lot of facilities. Also, make sure to bring enough food and drinks to last your whole stay as you may not get the chance to restock. Lastly, be on the lookout for wild cattle that may sneak into the campsite in search of food. 

Sai Yuen

For a more luxurious camping experience, head on over to Sai Yuen in Cheung Chau. Apart from offering camping essentials, they have a wide range of activities for campers which include bubble soccer, treetop canopy walks, and rock climbing. They also have an impressive selection of unique accommodation options that include stargazing geodesic domes, Mongolian Gers, and African Safari tents. You can also opt for the wild camping experience if you want to be one with nature; this still won’t limit you from accessing the facilities available.

Pui O

This is a beautiful beach campsite located on Lantau Island. There are a total of 54 camping bays where you can pitch your tent, complete with ready-to-use barbeque pits that are absolutely free. You can book online or register at the site for a spot. It’s worth mentioning that only adults are allowed into the site and a camping spot can’t be rented for more than six consecutive nights. Other than that, all you need to do is bring your camping gear and some grub and you’ll be good to go.


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