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Car hire has become an increasingly common practice among Greeks traveling abroad, whether for leisure or business. But unlike Greece, renting a vehicle abroad requires some care. With the help of the platform staff, we have listed ten tips to facilitate your car rental experience abroad.

It is important that travelers pay attention to these points when renting a car abroad. So Is it expensive to rent a car in Rhodes? Not at all. Let Check Out.

Check out the tips below:

Pay attention to the minimum age to rent a car

The standard for travel to the United States and Europe is at least 25 years old, but there may be variation depending on the country you choose. Some rental companies offer an option to pay the “underage” fee (underage), which allows the traveler to rent a car even below the minimum age required, through an additional fee when booking.

For some categories of car, considered superior and luxury, the rental companies may require an older age. It is important to emphasize the importance of checking in advance what are the specific minimum age conditions for the country of destination.

Check the required driver’s license

Most rental companies do not allow rentals for more than 50 km beyond the border with the country where the car was picked up. You can  find more about it now.

It is essential that the license is consistent with the vehicle you want to rent

In Europe it is recommended that you have an International Driving Permit (PID), in addition to your passport. In the USA, the state of Georgia requires PID; for other states the recommendation is to consult directly with the chosen rental company to find out more information and thus check whether the presentation of the permit will be required or not.

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Apply for an international license

Incredibly it is simple to obtain the PID. Once the driver has his national driver’s license, just ask the expert to issue the international license, upon payment of a fee. After this process, the international license will be sent to the driver’s address without further complications.

Have your credit card, with limit available, in hand

The credit card is a requirement for the rental and is used by the rental company in the guarantee deposit – which is nothing more than the blocking of a (pre-determined) amount on the card of the person responsible for the reservation. After returning the car, the amount is returned to the renter in full. This guarantee serves to cover any costs with the payment of fees not included in purchases with prepaid vouchers, such as fuel, additional protections, optional items, special services and any additional fees that may arise during the use of the vehicle.

In addition, the credit card must be within the validity period, in the name of the lessee, linked to a banking institution and with a credit limit available for the deposit. It is important to note that cards on behalf of other people or without authorization for international transactions prevent rental. It is worth remembering that prepaid cards, widely used in travel, cannot be used to block deposits.

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