Croatia and More for You: A Trip to Remember


Fancy a family trip to Croatia, so here is our guide to organize your trip to Croatia with children. All the practical information, visits and activities adapted to your children but especially with our feedback on the spot and the opinions of other relatives travelers. This will allow you to have a great time there.

Croatia as a family, a trip between blue turquoise coast, a string of islands and islets, extraordinary lakes and Roman remains and a destination not too expensive for holidays with your children. You can just as well relax on the few sandy beaches to discover the Roman remains, or make beautiful walks in beautiful scenery. With the right boat rental with skipper in Croatia you can have the best deals now.

When to go to Croatia?

Croatia is discovered in the spring and summer to enjoy its pleasant temperatures. Beware, however, the months of July and August are the months of record attendance of tourists! If you opt for a more inland trip and are not very attracted to the beaches, autumn is also a good time to discover the Croatian countryside.

How to get there?

For Parisians and Provincials far from the Italian border, prefer the plane. 

When to go to Croatia?

How to get there?

For Parisians and Provincials far from the Italian border, prefer the plane.

What budget?

  • Idea of ​​budget used by ourselves or by our traveling parents.
  • About $ 165 per day for a family of 4 by renting apartments.
  • Overnight camping 4 camper for 3 people: 50 $.

Layer bib small pots

Baby food: infant formula, baby pot and diapers.

  • Difficult to make baby eat at home (especially if you want the “all-done”).
  • For infant milk, it is found in pharmacy and supermarket in large cities. By cons, it is difficult to find milk 2nd age.
  • For small pots, it’s a bit like in Italy, there are some small pots but the flavors are not very varied. There are many more small pots of fruit but often for the youngest of our babies. Then you have to cook: you can easily find many fruits and vegetables.

For diapers, no problem. We find them in all supermarkets and supermarkets. These are not necessarily the same layers as in France, even the famous Pampers are rare, so do not hesitate to change baby more often.

Baby equipment and supplies

  • Very few high chairs in the restaurants, plan a nomadic fabric seat or booster travel.
  • Very little changing table except in some high range camping in the sanitary blocks.
  • Plan beach shoes as soon as your child walks to avoid sharp rocks and sea urchins when bathing.

This country is very big and especially much stretched. To visit it fully, it takes at least a month, and again it will ask you to do a lot of road if you want to discover the authentic Croatia around Zagreb at the bottom of the land. With a boat rental you can have the best time now.


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