Epic ways to explore Delhi’s art and culture


Apart from being the country’s capital, Delhi is also known for the extravagant display of its art and culture. The capital city has no dearth of experiences and opportunities for you to explore the various aspects of the city. For years, through the touristic places in Delhi, the city has attracted visitors from far and wide. It cultural and traditional life continues to amaze tourists. Delhi is also home to some of the most magnificent world heritage sites.

If you wish to explore Delhi in the best way, we have listed down some of the things to do when you are in the capital city.

KabootarBaazi (Pigeon racing):

A popular sport since the time of Mughal Era, KabootarBazi is predominantly a fascinating pigeon race. The sport continues to this day too while adhering to the traditional rules of the game. Delhi has over 500 pigeon trainer and a large group of organizers who are stationed at various touchpoints to keep the birds insight. Generally, this season starts at the end of December and continues till February. The race is quite a sightseeing in Delhi and if you are around this time of the year, don’t miss it for anything.

Golf a little:

When in Delhi, you must try your hand at golf. Many golf courses have become increasingly become touristic places in Delhi. There are plenty of golf clubs in the city that offers world-class services and courses. Many clubs also encourage amateurs to give this sport a go!

Qawwali music at NizamuddinDargah:

The capital city has a rich history of Mughal reign, and it is still evident in Delhi’s art and culture. One place where you can witness the influences of this reign is the NizamuddinDargah. Located in the centre of the city, the Dargah is dedicated to one of the world’s most famous Sufi saints – HazratNizamuddinAuliya. Today, the Dargah host Qawwali performances too. Here, Qawwalis are performed every evening. While many Sufi shrines are must-visit tourist places in Delhi, there is nothing like the NizamuddinDargah.

Toy train at the National Rail Museum:

Spread over a sprawling 10 acres of land, the National Rail Museum is a wonder in every sense. The museum features rare steam engines and artefacts which were a part of the old railroad system in Delhi. You can see several photos of the trains from the past and working models of trains that are currently operational in the country. The sheer uniqueness of this museum makes it a place to visit in Delhi.

So, the next time you are in the capital city, have these places on your itinerary to explore Delhi for what it is.

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