Middle East Camping – 7 Essential Tent Tips!


If you are looking for a new adventure for your next vacation you may want to consider a camping trip to the Middle East. There are several great camping spots in all of the Middle Eastern countries so just book your flight, grab your tent and start your adventure under the stars of the Arabian Nights.

Camping trips to foreign countries don’t have to be so much different from camping at home. Sleeping under the open sky, sheltered by your tent in the middle of nature is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Tent camping is also the world’s most common vacation model all over the world because it’s easy and cost-effective. Families with kids choose tent camping also for this reason, beyond the opportunity to live a couple of days outdoors in all freedom.

Most Popular Camping Sites in The Middle East

It’s difficult to mention just a few as there are so many and it really depends on what type of nature you are looking for.

The Thumamah Desert in Saudi Arabia is sandy, it can be combined with camel riding or quad bikes but the Hajjar Mountains in Oman may be your choice if you prefer breathtaking mountain views. A flight to Eilat in Israel can easily be combined with a few nights camping at the famous Wadi Rum Beduin Camp in Jordan and the diver’s paradise of Ras Shaitan on the Sinai Peninsula.

Plan Your First Camping Experience!

If you are a beginner and you feel worried about camping for your first time, take a breath and relax because it’s going to be alright. If you don’t want to carry along your own tent you can always look for a camping resort. Beduin camps are very popular and well maintained in many of the Middle Eastern countries. All you need to know is a bunch of useful and essential tips for camping in safety and making your experience comfortable and pleasant all the time.

  1. Choose a campsite
    It’s important to choose the best location for camping. Take your time and research on the web for camping areas that meet your requirements. For example, if you have kids you really want to stay close to some modern facilities or running water. Compare the fees and services of multiple camping sites to find out the most convenient for you, as well. Keep in mind that if you plan your getaway, you will be able to find discounts or other benefits that you might not find if booking at the last minute.
  2. Campsite services
    Usually, most campsites offer free services and items that you can use in all freedom, like picnic tables, water spouts, fire pits, clean restrooms, hot showers, WiFi connection, and a few more. Call the campsite ahead and ask for their amenities so you will know in advance what you will find on the spot.
  3. Little practicing
    Before you go on a camping trip abroad, make sure to have spent at least one night in a tent at home, your garden will be fine! Many beginners are worried about not being able to set up a camping tent but luckily there are YouTube videos also for this. You are a beginner, so what else? But probably you are right, not being able to set up a tent is embarrassing. So, practice at home, set up your tent in your garage or, if you don’t have enough space, in your yard.
  4. Cooking on a campfire
    Consider that camping might become challenging for cooking, especially if it’s your first time cooking without your kitchen appliances. Your idea of cooking food should adjust to the new situation, so plan a series of food that you can comfortably cook or just heat on the flame of a campfire. For example, cans of baked beans or other vegetables are excellent to prepare a typical camping meal. You may also prepare a few boxes with cooked food that you simply have to heat when at the campsite, like chicken kabobs or other meat-based dishes.
  5. Free-time activities
    What will you do when you have nothing to do? Hopefully, not much as you may be camping to disconnect from technology and daily routine, still we find ourselves with some spare time. A camping trip to the Middle East should be planned with some nearby hiking or diving activities but somehow the days seem to be longer when you are camping. You will have time reading a book, doing crosswords sitting on a chair in the shadow, playing chess or card games with your kids or tent neighbors. As we live with our smartphones these days, one thing to consider is that internet accessibility varies between the Middle Eastern countries. Some activities you are used to doing online at home may also be blocked due to regulations. Even if you see betting sites in Arabic in the local search results it doesn’t necessarily mean that the country you are in actually allows it. In most middle eastern countries gambling for money is even illegal so it’s better to wait with your gambling for when you are back home.
  6. Bring extra pillowcases
    Camping for the first time might be a little uncomfortable as you have to sleep on inflatable mattresses. If you think that won’t be the best comfort for you, bring extra pillowcases to fill with clothes to create some extra soft pillows. Sleeping well is the key to enjoying life even when you camp!
  7. Waterproof your tent
    Although most camping tents are produced in waterproof materials, there are still some retailers who sell non-waterproof camping equipment. If you note that your tent isn’t waterproof, buy a can of silicone sealant and spray it on your tent surface without to skip any side or part of it. Make sure to cover every single inch of your tent, so spray over and over. And yes, you need a waterproof tent also in the Middle East.

Of course, when it’s time to pack your stuff to get back home, make sure to leave the campsite as you found it – certain campsites request an extra fee for any damaged items. Create a checklist with your items, so you can immediately see if you forgot anything behind. Behave respectfully during your camping from your first minute to the last one.

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