Wildlife Trail to Kanha National Park – An Exceptional Journey


Nature’s bounty in India is aplenty. From national parks to sanctuaries, India mesmerizes me with its hard work to preserve wildlife. This time I decided to visit one of the largest national parks to have the biggest cats in India. Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh has been on my list for quite a while now. Ever since Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book made this park famous, it has attracted many visitors. If you are planning to visit the national park, then this brief guide can come in handy.

Kanha National Park: Everything You Need to Know

Kanha National Park is the largest national park in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is spread over 940 sq km and has a significant population of the Royal Bengal Tiger in its Sal forests and meadows. The national park also has over 350 species of various other flora and fauna. Other than choosing the best safari in Kanha National Park for Tiger spotting, you can also book yourself for a night jungle petrol, Elephant spotting, Bahmani Nature Trail, and sunset at Bahmani Dadar.

Entry Gates

Kanha National Park has 3 entry points. Khatia Gate is the main gate and is located at 160 km from Jabalpur via Mandla. Mukki is the 2nd entry point, and it is located at 200 km from Jabalpur via Mandla-Mocha-Baihar. However, you have the option to drive from the park’s buffer zone between Khatia and Mukki. The third gate is Sarhi, and it is 150 km from Jabalpur via Mandla.


The national park has 4 core zones. They are Kanha, Kisli, Mukki, and Sarhi. Kanha is one of the oldest zones. Kisli zone was recently added by taking a part of the Kanha zone. Mukki is located at the opposite end of the park. The buffer zones in the park are Khatia, Motinala, Khapa, Sijhora, Samnapur, and Garhi.

How to Reach Kanha National Park

The nearest airports to the park are in Jabalpur and Raipur. The nearest railway station is Gondia.

Where to stay in Kanha National Park

There are many lodges near Kanha National Park that you can choose for accommodation. However, I wanted a lodge with an edge, and hence I decided to stay at Banjaar Tola, A Taj Safari – Kanha National Park. Staying here was the best decision. Banjaar Tola, A Taj Safari – Kanha National Park is not only a lodge that gives you a luxurious stay in a forest, but it also gives you some of the best experiences. It is located along the banks of the river Banjaar that overlooks the heart of the Kanha National Park. The lodge has two intimate camps. Each camp has 9 tents that have their own swimming pool, outdoor and indoor lounge options, and interactive dining areas. If you have ever wondered about things to do around Kanha National Park once you get there, then Banjaar Tola, A Taj Safari – Kanha National Park has got you covered. Below are the experiences provided by Banjaar Tola, A Taj Safari – Kanha National Park.

Experiences at Kanha National Park

Jungle Safaris

Expert naturalists conduct 2 safaris daily in a 4X4 vehicle in the misty mornings at Kanha. There are fabulous opportunities for photography. One can spot the Barasingha in grasslands and Tals. Bird enthusiasts can spot Scarlet Minivets, Rosy Starlings, and many more.

A Visit to the Village

A visit to a tribal village is something you should definitely opt for. You will come across 2 types of tribes; Gond and Baiga. Even today, the primary source of livelihood for these tribes is farming and cattle rearing.

Breakfast Deep in the Jungle

A bonnet breakfast is set up deep in the jungle where you can relish freshly-baked muffins, cookies, sandwiches, fresh fruits, and hot Kathi rolls.

Banjaar Tola, A Taj Safari – Kanha National Park, also offers other experiences such as interactive culinary, stargazing, poolside dinner, bush dinner, and many more.

Best Time to Visit Kanha National Park

The best time to visit Kanha National Park is from November to December. However, do keep in mind that these are the busy months as well, so you will come across many like-minded nature enthusiasts. It gets freezing; hence, it is advisable to carry warm clothes.

The visit to the Kanha National Park was all in all a memorable one. Staying at Banjaar Tola, A Taj Safari – Kanha National Park was the cherry on the cake as I got to spend some of the most comfortable days in a forest.


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