Interesting Indoor Attractions in Niagara Falls


When thinking about Niagara Falls, most travelers’ minds go straight to the iconic falls themselves. While there’s no denying that Niagara Falls’ main attraction is indeed Niagara Falls, there’s also a plethora of fun-filled indoor attractions that many visitors will want to familiarize themselves with. As anyone who’s visited Niagara Falls during the warm weather season can attest, the area is rife with natural splendor and breathtaking beauty. However, if you happen to be in Niagara during the winter months or a rainy period, you may want to limit how much time you spend outdoors.

The Great Canadian Midway

When faced with disagreeable weather, there’s no better place than a well-stocked arcade to blow off some steam. With over 70,000 square feet of games, the Great Canadian Midway can provide visitors of all ages with countless hours of enjoyment. Fans of cutting-edge interactive experiences are sure to love TGCM’s high-tech rides and virtual reality machines. Conversely, visitors with an appreciation for the arcade games of yesteryear will get a kick out of the facility’s impressive collection of old-school staples. If classic midway games are more your thing, you’ll want to check out TGCM’s meticulously-maintained skee-ball and roll-a-ball units. Additionally, visitors who can’t say no to good pizza will want to grab a bite at Boston Pizza, TGCM’s onsite restaurant.

Fallsview Indoor Water Park

Since most water parks are located outdoors, people tend to associate them with summer. However, when a water park is built indoors, the weather outside becomes a non-factor. Water park enthusiasts who are tired of being constrained by weather conditions will have blast at Fallsview Indoor Water Park. Featuring three acres of wet and wild fun, Fallsview Indoor Water Park is home to 16 amazing slides, an enormous wave pool, soothing hot springs and a relaxing sundeck. Additionally, visitors in the mood for a little privacy are bound to appreciate the park’s cozy private cabanas. Adding to its convenience, the park is connected to several hotels near Niagara Falls.

Nightmares Fear Factory

Travelers who enjoy a good scare can’t leave Niagara Falls without paying a visit to Nightmares Fear Factory. One of the world’s foremost haunted houses and the oldest operational haunted house in North America, Nightmares Fear Factory provides visitors with 10 solid minutes of bone-chilling frights set against a spooky back-story. To date, over 161,000 patrons have called it quits before the end and left through the designated chicken exit. Even seasoned haunted house enthusiasts have trouble making it through the entire experience, so if you reach the end without chickening out, you’ll have some serious bragging rights.

No Niagara-bound traveler should go home without seeing the falls at least once. However, this isn’t to say that the area doesn’t have any other attractions that are worthy of your time and attention. Whether you’re visiting Niagara during the winter or sudden rainfall has put a damper on your vacation, the indoor attractions discussed above should provide you with hours of first-rate fun.

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