Look for the Best Options to Be At Switzerland


When it comes to the dishes in Switzerland, the most consumed protein is pork. This is because beef has a very high cost. In fact, in some places dishes made with horse meat are served. In the markets, there are also trays with steaks of this animal, which can seem quite exotic.

In some places dishes made with horse meat are served

Most typical recipes feature cheese and potatoes. Think of countless recipes with these ingredients and you will be thinking about Swiss cuisine. At the hotel zermatt you will find the best choices for the food.

The taste in no way reveals the taste of milk and it is sold at a price similar to that of coca-cola. In fact, the use of sugar is low. Yogurts, ice cream, cereals, in various items, the sweetness are almost imperceptible. For the palate accustomed to Brazilian items, sometimes the desire is to put sugar in the most diverse items.

Climate and temperature

  • It is important to pay attention to what season of the year you want to travel.
  • The weather and the season is one of the main points to think about before choosing the date of your first trip. In Switzerland, all four seasons are well marked, so if your dream is to see snowy alps, ski, practice snow activities, never travel in July, for example.
  • The busiest season is summer, when Swiss lakes acquire the characteristics of beaches and receive tourists in search of water activities and to enjoy the sun.
  • Spring has the advantage of being a cheaper season, as it is low season. Autumn also has more attractive prices, especially for food, as it is the season in which most harvests occur.
  • Enjoy and also read about the main holidays in Switzerland for you to plan your trip.
  • Even if your trip is scheduled for the winter, bring swimsuits. Switzerland has several spas with heated pools and views of the Alps.


Cities most visited by citizens are in French and German speaking regions.Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. In general, the cities most visited by citizens are in the French and German speaking regions.

In tourist cities, English is understood by most residents, a little “sorry” is enough for the Swiss to change the language. However, English menus in restaurants are rare, be careful when ordering a dish without being sure of the meaning of the ingredients.

The same care must be applied when making purchases. The Migros chain, one of the three main in the country, has very similar packaging for the products, only green and white with the name written, without illustrative image. That way, have a good broker on the cell phone so you don’t get in the way.

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