Mistakes To Avoid When Editing A Photographic Project


I am going to start detailing certain mistakes that we tend to make when selecting images for our project. By avoiding this, the path will be much easier.

Be Determined To Include Your Favorite Images

Some images have a special value for us, and we strive to make them part of the project, and it is not bad, except when that image does not contribute anything to the whole, and if it does not contribute anything, if it does not add, what it does is subtract. Because it diverts attention, distracts or misplaces the viewer.


This is very typical; we believe that by adding more photos, the project will have more weight or be better. At all, all we can do is screw up all the work.

Imagine that you are reading a magazine and suddenly you find a weak article, that does not have much to do with the theme of the magazine, or that you see it out of place. You don’t like it, do you? You feel like you are being scammed to fatten the number of pages.

Failure To Maintain Objectivity

Behind each photograph is a story, and its author knows it. The rest are not. Viewers only see the image, not the emotions that were experienced when taking it, the people who were there and gave another dimension to the image.

Therefore, although it is sometimes difficult to take emotional distance with our work, it is necessary to do so.

Don’t Take Care Of The Issue

People may not notice the effort you put into taking care of editing a project with https://photolemur.com, or the headaches it has taken. But that will be a good sign.

Because what it will notice is if you do not put it, because it will detect the failures and that will be evident. Just like you never stop to think about editing a book, but if you saw a typo, a misspelling or a blank sheet, to give an example, surely if you would stop to think about what wrong they have done work, right?

An Endless Project

That work never ends is not an example to follow. The works must be finished, the projects too. Some will require many years, others almost a lifetime, but in most cases, your project has to have an end, and you have to know how to put it on.

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