Looking for a romantic escapade? A quick visit to Menorca is what you need!


The Balearic island of Menorca is often overshadowed by its big sister Majorca, which has served it well enough, as instead of suffering the same fate that commercially over-exploited islands tend to have; Menorca has managed to have an atmosphere of authenticity and tradition which these others lack.

 We will be talking about Menorca, starting with its glamorous capital Mahon, to then mention some places with views and more traditional activities, on this island where ruins and ancient stories play a leading role.

 A visit to Menorca will always be the best weekend getaway!

If we want to start from the top, it is best to start by talking about the capital of the island called Mahon. Characterised by having one of the largest natural harbours in the world, Mahon functions as the gateway to the island for many boats and visitors who choose this route to reach it.

Mahon is without a doubt one of those tourist destinations that always have something to offer for each type of tourist, however one of the most surprising things about this town (and the island in general) is that despite its small size, Menorca is immensely rich when it comes to history and culture. It is in this aspect that the capital Mahon and its numerous museums stand out from the rest of the possible destinations that can be visited on the island.

Although Mahon is just one of the first stops that can be made on a visit to the island, and despite its small size, Menorca is in fact a sufficiently large area, within which there are many tourist places to visit, making it to this island in one of the most appropriate places for visitors to confidently resort to both rent a car menorca services and collective or private transport.

One of the things that we must highlight about Menorca is its rich culinary culture, strongly marked by the influence of the three groups that historically occupied the island (Romans, Greeks and Moors) and who each left their mark on the local culture. This is especially evident when we see the variety of high quality ingredients that are local to the island and are found in the many markets that are dotted around the place.

Although Mahon is a place so full of attractions and activities to do during the visit, the characteristic that really makes Menorca shine as the hidden jewel of the Balearic Islands is its friendly nature.

It is enough to look for the walks to the caves, or the numerous beaches with crystal clear waters that can be found around the entire island, to understand that Menorca is the perfect place for those who seek their inner peace, or admire the beauty of the nature of the Mediterranean Sea.


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