Making sure your kid is engaged during school holidays


Schools are closed and you are wondering what you can do for your kids to ensure they make the best of their holiday ensuring that it is both fun and safe? How about taking them on a vacation that they will enjoy so much that it will remain in their memory forever. That is what we have to offer as the vacation care options in Sydney are dynamic and educational. Your children are guaranteed to have the best time of their lives with all that we have to offer. There are numerous fun activities for them to participate in both indoor and outdoor. 

How our activities are beneficial to your kid

The kids have the opportunity to interact with other children from all types of backgrounds and through this, they can sharpen their social skills and become better at making friends. The fun and diverse activities set out for the kids are meant to help them get more physically active, help them in discovering their hobbies, talents, and interests and also assist them to stimulate their minds. Our staffs are highly qualified and always put the children’s needs first in ensuring that their interests are met.

Activities that kids engage in.

Numerous activities are fun and involving for the kids and they include indoor and outdoor games and sports such as soccer, basketball, table tennis, chess, and monopoly. Not only do these games get them to be more physically active, but they also help the kids think more critically. They also get to participate in arts and crafts where their imagination can run wild and free. The kids get to draw pictures, color and even make models of everyday objects. For those who like to bust a move, we offer dancing and music for their entertainment. 

Who is eligible to join?

Any child who is eligible to be in primary school can enroll in our vacation care services. We accept children from all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and genders. We do not discriminate against anyone because we believe that everyone has a part to play in the community around them and the world at large. We offer our services at a pocket-friendly cost suitable for your budget. We do not compromise on the quality of our services because quality and quantity should be favorable to our clients for complete customer satisfaction.

Suggestions and feedback

As a rule, we always focus on what the client wants. For this reason, we always seek the suggestions and feedback of the children and the parents. We normally perform a survey to determine what the majority of clients want as part of their experience with us, and what they suggest is what we concentrate on.

Safety of your children

The educators are the ones who are normally entrusted with the care and protection of the children during the whole period and therefore, there is a strict and rigorous recruitment process involved in their hiring. Before an educator is hired, they must have worked or are currently working with children, must have a clean criminal history and possess basic first aid skills. All these factors ensure that your child is as safe and secure as humanly possible.

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