Relocating to Melbourne – All you need to know to find a job


People planning to relocate to some other country often consider Australia. It has many attractions which draw people to live here. Melbourne is the second-largest city and is often preferred by many people over Sydney, the largest one. People are often engrossed by the diverse and rich heritage and the life quality of the city. Many cultural festivals and sports events are organized every year. You get to live in the wonderful ambiance of the city with plenty of gardens and greenery. When you decide to relocate to Melbourne, you have to consider several things. In addition to the visa and immigration document, you have to look for housing, transportation for shifting your households, and a job to earn your livelihood. The city offers several job opportunities in different fields like science, IT, mining, manufacture, etc. You can find a job according to your skill sets. You can also acquire the skill through certificate courses like forklift licence & training services in Melbourne, etc and get a job in your field of interest. Here is all you need to know about finding a job in Melbourne after the relocation.


  • Jobs in demand


When you are shifting to Melbourne you should check the official sponsorship list of Australia. Apply for an immigrant visa, if you find your occupation in the list with its status as ‘in demand’. If you fulfill other criteria, you will not need a job offer from a local Australian employer for visa applications.


  • Strategies you can use to find a job


Irrespective of the kind of visa you get, you have to search for a job. The knowledge about the hidden job market can be of great help in your hunt.

  • Use network

You can ask your business contacts, friends, or any known person in the city for assistance in the job search. You can also find an industrial association that represents your occupation. Join the association that represents your job as the closest. This can provide significant help in finding the best job.

  • See employment advertisements

You can also check for employment advertisements on websites like SEEK, adzuna, etc or in newspapers.


  • Writing the job application


For applying for a job, the foremost thing is to have all the documents ready and translated in English if needed.

  • Include cover letter

Write a cover letter in not more than one page keeping the balance of formal and casual language. You can add your resume including details like name, contact, career goals, relevant experience, qualification, memberships, and references.

  • Keep Australian particularities in mind

Your cover letter should reflect your soft skills. It is better to use British English. Also, pay attention to the references and include someone who can guarantee your skills. Including someone from Australia can boost your chances.


  • The business culture of Australia


The Australian work-culture is slightly casual. You will be addressed on a first-name basis. Attributes like modesty are appreciated. Also, people here are result-oriented. So in spite of speaking highly of you, you should try to impress by your hard work. For meeting the project deadlines, people often work overtime willingly. However, you get time to maintain a balance between your work and life. You can also attend an inter-culture seminar or workshop to better understand the Australian work culture.

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