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Joshua Tree and La Quinta are two really good places where you can enjoy a few days in California. Situated in Riverside County, these are the best weekend getaways for you. If you are looking for a budget friendly and fun trip in the next few days, then Joshua Tree is a very wonderful place for you. At the same time, La Quinta is also a good destination for every tourist. Those of you who are excited to know about the best places in Joshua Tree and La Quinta, keep reading this blog we have today.

Best Things You Can Do in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is located down the Route 62 California State, you can visit this place for a few days. With less than 6000 residents living within this territory, Joshua Tree offers a very peaceful atmosphere to everyone. Here are the best things you can do in Joshua Tree –

  • If you are a fan of hiking, then you can head to the Hidden Valley Hike Trail. The trail takes you through a serene and beautiful hills which offers you a view of the entire Coachella Valley.

  • There are more than 800 spots where you can go for rock climbing in Joshua Tree. You can hire the essential gear and all other equipment that you need for the activities. Those of you who are fan of outdoor activities, rock climbing seems to be the best activity for you.

  • The Doobie Joshua Tree Dispensary is a great place where you can get all sort of marijuana products. You can get all sorts of edibles, cartridges, topicals and pre-rolls from their website.

Best Things To Do in La Quinta

La Quinta is another town which is a great place where you can visit for a few days. It is situated in the town of Indian Wells and Indio. La Quinta has more than 40,000 residents and is one of the best places to enjoy golfing. You can also take up different golf courses here.   Check out the top things you can do here –

  • Cork and Fork is one of the most famous restaurants in La Quinta. They have a wide range of delicious food items to serve to their customers. Their wonderful interiors and cozy vibe helps you to experience a great feeling. Don’t forget to try out their Thai shrimp cakes and Brussels sprouts.

  • If you are a shopaholic, then Old Town La Quinta is the best place for your to head out. You will find a variety of antique and souvenir shops along with local boutiques and so on. Each of them have unique products to offer.

  • Shop for 100% organic and best quality marijuana products at very affordable prices from Doobie La Quinta dispensary. Just order your favorite products and all of it will be delivered to your address right away!

So, these are the best things you can do in La Quinta that will allow you to make the most of your weekends. Check them out!

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