What You Need to Think about Before Booking a Ticket for Space Travel


As commercial companies, such as SpaceX and Blue Origin, put final touches to their space vehicles to carry passengers to space, it appears that suborbital and orbital flights might become the new travelling norm. So, if you want to travel with a difference, this might be the right time to book that flight. To enjoy every minute of space travelling, here are four crucial things that you need to think about. 

The Activities of Interest 

If you travel to the Mediterranean for a holiday, one of the activities of interest might be swimming in the sea.  When travelling to space, there are a number of activities that you can do, but they need to be prepared for appropriately. It is important to think about the activities that you want to do when travelling to space because they might determine the nature of the flight to book. 

  • Spacewalking: If you look forward to spacewalking, consider booking a space flight that offers orbital travels. Note that even in such cases, this might be too risky and not so many companies may be willing to allow it. 
  • Photography: Most companies offering space travel provide travelers excellent opportunities to take photos from up there. Plan to make as many photos of earth and other planets from space for your album. 

Intensive Training before Flight

Blasting off the ground, racing to space, and enjoying every moment on a space-vehicle will be awesome – no one wants to miss the opportunity. For you to enjoy more, every space travel company requires travelers to undergo intensive training

The training starts with a medical assessment where a doctor will allow or disallow your travel. For example, if you have medical conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, you are likely to be denied a chance to travel to space

You will also undergo endurance training to develop more stamina to withstand the force of gravity, especially at launch. Travel companies also train travelers for weightlessness in preparation for zero-gravity in space. It is important to attend all the training to ensure you are fully prepared. 

The Cost 

Travelling to space requires the use of specialized vehicles and advanced technologies. With these advances in technology, space travelling is very expensive, and it is important to think about the cost. When the first space tourist travelled to space, he paid $20 million. However, the cost is now coming down, and some companies, such as Virgin Galactic are charging $250,000 per person for sub-orbital flights. 

If you are looking forward to travelling to space, it is important to select a company that engages in all activities of interest.  In addition, you need to think about your health, travelling cost, and preflight training.  

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