Rent a Yacht and Fish in Cabo San Lucas


Whenever you imagine about fishing experience in Cabo, the first image that will come to your mind will usually be about grander Marlin that is leaping out of water. That is the main reason why this city is known for highest-paying Marlin tournament.

Cabo is much more famous for it rather than giant Billfish. Let us know exactly what makes this Cabo San Lucas as most well-rounded fishing destination in the Pacific.

Seasons for fishing

Usually, Cabo never have really a slow season irrespective of whether you maybe inshore angler or you are an offshore fisher. Always something will be waiting on the other side of the line.

Deep sea fishing

You can always prefer to take Cabo yacht rental for offshore fishing, which is something that you need to see for believing it. Any month you visit here, you can get big catch, as if there is nothing like “slow season” concept known in these parts.

Striped marlin fishing

Cabo San Lucas is also well known for carrying the title of capital of striped marlin in the world. You can find a lot of Marlin and if you have never experienced a joy of catching such fish, then you are certainly here for a great treat.

Striped Marlin are one of the very active fish that you can have here. You can never forget the sight of seeing them jumping from the water.

Peak season for this Striped Marlin in the Cabo starts from the month of November to March, however, throughout the year you can easily catch them a lot.

To go for Striped Marlin, prefer to use trolling live bait, which is the right method to choose. Any good guide will always tell you to use circle hooks, which is a must. With circle hooks it will cause lesser damage to your fish.

If you want hands-on experience then go for fly fishing. To catch a fish which is so powerful with a light rod is not something many anglers will ever try.

Thanks to sheer number of stripes available in the area, there cannot be any better place than here to try this technique.

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