Travel Portable Blender 


Do you sometimes wish you could have smoothies everywhere you go, like in your office, on your road trip or anywhere on the go? Well, say hello to SmartBlend. 

In these busy times, a kitchen appliance that works easily and saves time is always welcomed. Days are gone when you were forced to use bulky and heavy blenders because there were no other options. 

A portable blender can help you blend just about anything. The versatility of this product produced by SmartBlend will make your life so easy.

With Smartblend, you can eat wherever you are, be it at the gym or on a road trip. It is easy to use as you don’t need a plug socket to charge it; instead, the handy USB port allows you to charge the device wherever you wish, even from your personal computer. You can use a power bank to charge the device. 

Why you need SmartBlend Portable Blender

There are many reasons you need to have this portable blender, including: 

  • Its versatility 

One of the best features of SmartBlend is that it is uniquely versatile. The blender is not only ideal for blending ingredients but you can also use it to chop some food items. Be it you want to whip a salad dressing or puree a soup, SmartBlend is the right device for you. Additionally, the device also eases the way you make some of your dishes due to the way it is built.

  • Small and portable 

Perhaps the main reason you want this blend is because of its small size and portability. This means it is not only suitable for traveling but also kitchens with limited spaces. SmartBlend is highly portable and easy to store since it does not require too much space even when using. SmartBlend also comes with a detachable rope that makes it easy to hang. 

  • Quiet operation 

SmartBlend works quietly. The motor of the device is encased in a way that it does not make much noise when using it, so you don’t need to worry about offending anyone nearby. All the sound produced by the motor remains in the casing, making the device work very quietly and efficiently.

  • Increased efficiency 

With this portable blender, you are not limited by the blending bowl size you are using. The device enables you to work with amounts up to 380ml of ingredients and liquids, and you can execute the blending quickly and efficiently. 

  • Easy to maintain 

SmartBlend portable blender is easy to maintain since some of its components are detachable. The case of the device can be cleaned by simply wiping using a clean rag and dishwashing soap.

  • Affordable 

Besides all the benefits and great features of SmartBlend, it also comes at a very affordable price compared to conventional blenders. This comes in handy if you are operating on a limited budget. 

At a pocket-friendly price of just $64.99 including free standing Australian shipping, you can have this electrical device with you wherever you go!

  • Free delivery 

When you buy SmartBlend, the product will be shipped to your location via the Australian Post. The order comes with a tracking number that helps you know where the blender is along the way. For international shipping, you will have to pay a small charge. 

  • Comes with a guarantee from the manufacturer

Returns and exchanges are easy. In case you find a defective on the blender or you are not happy with the device, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

  • Comes in different colors 

SmartBlend comes in six different colors to choose from, namely blue, black, purple, pink, and red. The design of the device is also stylish and sleek, so you will not have any issues pulling it in front of others. 

Where can you use SmartBlend Portable Blender? 

This is a portable blender, which essentially means you can carry it to wherever you wish, including: 


With this blender, you can save a lot of time visiting the breakroom to grab something to eat. The device makes it easy to prepare dishes while at work while adding some glossy look to your office desk!


You can take this compact portable blender wherever you go. It fits easily into your suitcase, and with easy charging, you will always have a snack whenever you feel hungry. Moreover, the device can be sued 10 to 12 times per charge.


Instead of shaking the protein shaker after every workout, take this portable blender with you to the gym and instantly blend your shake and drink to make your exercises effective. 


How to sue SmartBlend Portable Blender 

Using SmartBlend is easy. If you have just gotten this device, follow the simple steps below to ensure you are using it correctly: 

  1. Charge it for about 2 to 3 hours 
  2. Secure the base of the blender before using 
  3. Add your preferred liquid i.e. water, yogurt, or milk
  4. Chop your fruits into small pieces and add to the blender 
  5. Turn the device upside down or slant it 60 degrees, then press ON button to blend the ingredients 
  6. Slowly bring the device back to a vertical position, occasionally turning while blending 
  7. Add ice into the blend and mix again, though this is optional. 

Heard enough? Then head over to and purchase yours today. 


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