Tel Aviv Nightlife



The nightlife in Tel Aviv is known for its reputation in the world as one of the best destinations in Europe for its nightlife. It has a diverse scene which caters to the interest and tastes of the visitors through its several bars and clubs. While visiting the place, you can choose to stay in one of the hotels in Tel Aviv. There are mega-clubs which lure the top DJ’s from different corners of the world. Other things included in the city’s nightlife attractions include small neighborhood bars, underground bars, hipster bars as well as beach bars. 

People in Israel do not move out of their homes before 10 pm because of which the bars remain busy at midnight only. Thus, there are certain clubs which you can find getting filled up at 2 am. This makes Tel Aviv nightlife different from the other western cities. There are bats which remain open till the dawn and some till the morning daylight. Though the drinking age is restricted for people below 18 years and at some places below 25 years, it is more relaxed in case of the tourists. There are bars in almost all parts of the city. The hotels Tel Aviv, Israel ensure a comfortable stay when you opt to visit the city to especially enjoy its amazing nightlife.

You can find a highly competitive nightlife in Tel Aviv, with its bars consistently adopting new concepts in order to reinvent themselves in the demanding scenario. There is a wide range of line up events every night and you would definitely find it tricky to spot the perfect one for yourself. So, you need to plan it out before by going through the Dj’s listings, places for a live music concert, etc., to make sure that you have chosen the one where you can enjoy the fullest. 

Just like choosing the events, it is a tough task to select from among the various bars and clubs present in the city. It would give you a great experience when you explore the hidden bars of Tel Aviv and for this, you do need anybody’s help. This is because you know your choices much better than anyone else. Taking a bar tour is a perfect idea through which you can get introduced to some special ventures at the best prices.

If you visit the streets in the city center which includes Dizengoff, King George, and Ibn Gabirol, you can get the mainstream bars. There are 10-15 of them in Dizengoff Street, from the north of Dizengoff Square, such as the Beer Garden, Sixth of May and Dizzy Frishdon. In Ibn Gabirol, Toma. Otto, HaMezeg are the popular bars. Similarly, the Ozen Bar is famous in King George Steet for its intimate concerts from a range of musicians every day.

Visiting the southern end of Rothschild Boulevard and its surrounding streets such as Allenby, Levontin, Yehuda Halevi and Lillenblum, will help you know the heart of the Tel Aviv night. The Rothschild 12 is a famous bar here with regular concerts. Similarly, there is an underground bar with nightly music, named Radio EPGB. If you love live DJ sets, you can opt for the Kuli Alma and Levontin 7 if you love attending live music. There is also a dance bar named “Lima Lima”, gay bar “Evita” and Pop of bar that opens in the summers. These are the famous ones, though you can find many others. Depending on the location you want to visit the bars, such as the City center or the neighborhood, you can accordingly select the hotels in Tel Aviv, Israel for the ease of accessing various bars in that region.